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Your Treatment Plan:

When you make your first appointment for a treatment we will discuss your health and complete a consultation questionnaire about your general and specific health and well being.

During the first treatment I will work over all the feet and note down any reflex or reflected imbalances that I detect, we will discuss what those imbalances may relate to.

Based upon the findings in the consultation as well as the first treatment we will discuss your personal treatment plan, the regularity of treatments within that plan will also be discussed with regard to finance and time allowance.

During the treatment plan regular re-assessments will be made according to changes that may occur.Your treatment plan will be personal and specific to you and your conditions and health.

Your Treatments :

After your first treatment all subsequent treatments will be specifically planned to enhance your health; most reflex or reflected points will still be worked during the treatment but priority will be given to the ones showing imbalance.

During the treatments you are seated in a reclining chair which is very relaxing in itself! Many will close their eyes and relax during the treatment, some remain alert and speak throughout, some will even fall into deep sleep. It is your treatment and you decide how you would most like to enjoy it.

The treatment ends with some techniques to gently refocus the client and prepare for the day ahead. Most leave the treatment feeling totally relaxed and ready to look forward.

Treatment Room :

I work from my home in a room dedicated solely to reflexology. The room has a light, airy, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. I use a recognised Relaxator chair for clients and all health and safety issues have been considered.

If a client is unable to walk up stairs I can set up a temporary work place in one of my downstairs rooms.

If a client is unable to come to my house please discuss this with me, as I will make some mobile visits.

I am fully insured and affiliated with CNCH & AOR whose ethics and policies I follow.


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